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"My record of action on behalf of all Charles County residents speaks louder than words. I support issues that matter to the citizens I serve; not special interest groups. I will continue to bring common sense leadership and integrity to County government as your Commissioner. I thank you for your vote."  -- Bobby Rucci
Protects the Rights of County Property Owners
  • Voted against the watershed downzoning that harmed 9,800 County property owners. This new district effectively destroyed the value of 37,000 acres of land, current and future economic development, and will rob families in Charles County through higher property taxes. Commissioner Rucci is ready to take on the repeal of this land grab and return property rights to the citizens.

  • Commissioner Rucci also voted against the real estate transfer tax.  This tax costs households and businesses in Charles County millions in equity when buying and selling their property.

Fights for Fiscal Responsibility
  • Commissioner Rucci wants you to keep your more of your hard-earned money. He has consistently voted against new taxes in Charles County.  He supports sensible, balanced budgets that provide quality services citizens expect from County government.


  • Commissioner Rucci and Commissioner Davis collaborated to present a balanced budget for FY18 without raising taxes. Key highlights included fully funding the Board of Education, raises for teachers and County employees, and funding to add Sheriff’s deputies and correctional officers.  It was voted down by the majority, 3-2.

  • Commissioner Rucci voted against the real estate transfer tax.  This tax costs households and businesses in Charles County millions when buying and selling their property.

Understands Smart Economic Growth
  • Commissioner Rucci fought against the plan to give away land near the Maryland Airport known as the Indian Head Tech Park to a conservation group without any public input.  This lousy, short-sighted decision wasted the $30 million in federal funding and $6.4 million of Charles County taxpayer dollars spent to prepare the County for business growth.

Dedicated to Education and Public Safety
  • Commissioner Rucci’s proposed FY19 budget provides the funding needed to give our hardworking teachers the salary increases they deserve, to increase starting salaries for new teachers and to provided operational funding to improve our public education system.

  • Commissioner Rucci supports our Sheriff’s Department. Over the years, he has proposed budgets to continue to provide the funding needed for quality law enforcement, additional deputies on the streets and resource officers in our schools.  For this dedication to public safety, Commissioner Rucci has received the endorsement of Charles County Sheriff Troy Berry.

  • Commissioner Rucci serves on the Board of the Charles County Crime Solvers and is the Commissioner Representative to the Board of Fire and Rescue.

Supports Real Solutions to Traffic Congestion 
  • For the past three years, Commissioner Rucci voted for the completion of Western Parkway to end grid-lock in Waldorf.  Had most of the Commissioners voted with him in 2015, this much needed road improvement could be finished by now.  It is unjust for 70% of residents to be stuck in traffic every day for the last three years waiting for the majority to finally approve this project during an election year.

Fight against drug abuse
  • Opioid and drug abuse continue to wreak havoc on families in Charles County.  Commissioner Rucci has committed to fight this battle.  He fought successfully to put Narcan, which prevents deaths by overdoses, in the hands of our first responders.  In his balanced budget proposals, Commissioner Rucci has included increased spending for law enforcement and addiction treatment.  As a private citizen, Commissioner Rucci partners with the Jude House and hires residents in recovery to work in his restaurant giving them a chance to rebuild their lives. His commitment to be an active partner in the war against addiction earned him the distinction of Jude House Person of the Year in 2017. Commissioner Rucci also serves on the Charles County Drug and Alcohol Council.

Respects Open Government and Knows He Works for YOU
  • Bobby believes that transparency in County government is more than a catchy phrase.  He believes elected officials should expect to be held accountable to their constituents for the decisions they make, and those decisions should be made in public.  The abuse of the closed session by the current majority must end. No more business behind closed doors!

  • Voted against most of the Commissioners who reduced the Commissioners work schedule from weekly to just twice a month without reducing their pay.  This decision was not only fiscally irresponsible, it places too many decisions in the hands of the unelected County Administrator.  Our residents deserve Commissioners who are willing to come to work.

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