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"Now more than ever, common sense leadership matters. My record of action on behalf of all Charles County residents speaks louder than words. I support issues that matter to all citizens; not special interest groups. I will continue to bring common sense leadership and integrity to County government as your Commissioner. I thank you for your vote." 
-- Bobby Rucci
Dedicated to Public Education
  • Commissioner Rucci has consistently proposed budgets to provide the funding needed to give our hardworking teachers the salary increases they deserve, to increase starting salaries for new teachers, and to provide operational funding to improve our public education system.

  • Commissioner Rucci has supported the funding for new construction of schools in our County to help reduce overcrowding in schools.

  • In his personal life, Commissioner Rucci has sponsored and hosted numerous events for our local schools, teachers, and PTAs to help in ways such as community engagement, meals for events, and funding for supplies.

  • Commissioner Rucci supported the funding for new schools and public libraries as well as book mobiles for Charles County. 

Committed to Public Safety
  • Commissioner Rucci supports our Sheriff’s Department. Over the years, he has proposed budgets to continue to provide the funding needed for quality law enforcement, additional deputies on the streets, and resource officers in our schools.

  • In 2021 when other Commissioners submitted budgets to defund the Sherriff's Department's Budget, Commissioner Rucci FOUGHT FOR YOU and TO PROTECT YOU resulting in meeting the budget needs.

  • For this dedication to public safety, Commissioner Rucci has received past endorsements of Charles County Sheriff Troy Berry and the Fraternal Order of the Police for consecutive terms.

  • Commissioner Rucci served for over 10 years on the Board of the Charles County Crime Solvers and was the Commissioner representative to the Board of Fire and Rescue until taking on the position of Vice President of the Board of Commissioners.

Leadership Through the Covid 19 Pandemic
  • During the Covid 19 Pandemic Commissioner Rucci took a lead role not only as Vice President of the Board of Commissioners but as a leader in business.

  • Because he knows HE WORKS FOR YOU, Commissioner Rucci closed his restaurant to the public to prepare and gave away thousands of meals during the harshest hours of the pandemic to those in need,  our local homeless shelters and soup kitchens. 

  • As a true public servant, he used his restaurant to prepare and donate thousands of meals to our local hospital as well all first responders in our County.

  • Commissioner Rucci worked alongside our EMS and State Health Department to make difficult and controversial decisions in the best interest of our citizens.

  • As the endemic approached Commissioner Rucci used his leadership and business skills to help guide our County into a new state of normalcy all while respecting the rights of our citizens.

Fights for Fiscal Responsibility
  • Commissioner Rucci wants you to keep more of your hard-earned money. He has consistently voted for 11 years against new taxes in Charles County.  

  • Commissioner Rucci played a key role in attracting and obtaining new commercial businesses such as Amazon, Kaiser Permanente, MedStar, and more.  He understands without commercial tax revenue we cannot support our much desired public services.

  • He supports sensible, balanced budgets that provide quality and equitable services citizens expect from the County government.


  • Commissioner Rucci voted against the real estate transfer tax.  This tax costs households and businesses in Charles County millions when buying and selling their property.

Advocates for Mental Health and Fights Against Drug Addictions
  • Commissioner Rucci is proud of the support he and his fellow Commissioners gave to create and implement our County's first Mental Health Mobile Crisis Unit in conjunction with our State Health Department. 


  • As a private citizen, Commissioner Rucci partners with the Jude House and hires residents in recovery to work in his restaurant giving them a chance to rebuild their lives. His commitment to being an active partner in the war against addiction earned him the distinction of Jude House Person of the Year in 2017. Commissioner Rucci has also served on the Charles County Drug and Alcohol Council.

  • Drug abuse continues to wreak havoc on families in Charles County.  Commissioner Rucci has committed to fight this battle.  He fought successfully to put Narcan, which prevents deaths by overdoses, in the hands of our first responders.  In his balanced budget proposals, Commissioner Rucci has included increased spending for law enforcement and addiction treatment. 

Committed to Access and Equity for All Citizens 
  • Commissioner Rucci believes in access and equity for all citizens.


  • He supported the hiring of the first Chief Equity Officer in Charles County. This position is responsible for cultivating an environment that normalizes, organizes, and operationalizes diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout Charles County Government.

Supports Broadband/Internet Access Should Be Readily Available for All Citizens

  • Bobby believes all citizens should have access to broadband and worked with fellow Commissioners to make it a reality with further fully funded broadband expansion on the horizon.

Knows He Works for YOU and Respects Open Government
  • Commissioner Rucci knows he works for you.  He is open and transparent and provides his personal cell number 301-653-1194 to all Citizens, so they have equal access to their Commissioner.

  • Bobby believes that transparency in the County government is more than a catchy phrase.  He believes elected officials should expect to be held accountable to their constituents for the decisions they make, and those decisions should be made in public.  

  • Voted against most of the Commissioners who reduced the Commissioner's work schedule from weekly to just twice a month without reducing their pay.  This decision was not only fiscally irresponsible, but it also places too many decisions in the hands of the unelected County Administrator.  Our residents deserve Commissioners who are willing to come to work.

Supports Real Solutions to Traffic Congestion 
  • Commissioner Rucci believes with more high-paying job growth in our County and access to broadband, more Citizens will be able to work in our County greatly reducing traffic. 

  • For the past years, Commissioner Rucci continues to work to improve our transportation. He has consistently voted for new and improved roadways and funding for future light rail.

Understands Climate Change Preparedness
  • Commissioner Rucci believes growth should be balanced with a focus on protecting our environment. 

  • He supported contracting with a power provider to supply 100% of our government's electricity needs from renewable sources.

  • He supported the Resilience Authority of Charles County to address climate change concerns. This Board is comprised of state and local experts along with advocacy groups such as the Sierra Club and equity champions like the local NAACP.

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