Past Endorsements


Sally Y. Jameson

I've served in the Maryland House of Delegates for many years and I'm honored to have worked with County Commissioner Bobby Rucci.  Bobby is a true public servant who has dedicated himself to being an advocate for what is best for Charles County. Bobby Rucci is known throughout our community as a man of honor and integrity. I'm proud he is my District 4 Commissioner and proud to endorse him for re-election.

As the owner of a small business, Commissioner Bobby Rucci values the contributions that labor makes to the County’s economy. He is humbled and proud to receive the AFL-CIO endorsement for his re-election as Commissioner, District 4.  #laborendorsed

Sheriff Troy D. Berry

Commissioner Bobby Rucci has made law enforcement a priority for the safety of the citizens of Charles County.  He is a strong advocate for maintaining the level of funding needed for the Sheriff's Department's.   He works behind the scenes to push for new Officers that are needed in our County. Bobby supports our Officers on the streets and in our schools. I am pleased to endorse Bobby Rucci in his re-election as Commissioner District 4.

Thank you to the women and men of the Charles County Fraternal Order of Police for your faith, trust and confidence in Commissioner Bobby Rucci. He is honored to receive your endorsement. Over the years, Bobby has proposed budgets and voted to provide the funding needed for quality law enforcement, additional deputies on the streets and recently resource officers in our schools. Once re-elected he will continue to make public safety a top priority.

Senator Mac Middleton

I’ve worked with Bobby Rucci for years and have learned that he is a dedicated public official who works for the people most in need and is a true public servant. It’s with pride in knowing Bobby Rucci’s character, hard work, and accomplishments that I endorse him for re-election for Charles County Commissioner.                                                                                                                 

It was an honor to be awarded the 2018 Business of the Year by the CCDCC.


Special thanks to Del. Edith Patterson and the So. Md. Delegation for their recognition as well.