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The choice is easy... Commissioner Rucci works for you with proven results

  • Bobby supports our teachers in our classrooms and works to find new funding for our public education system year after year.


  • Bobby fought to fully fund public safety in our County when other Commissioners wanted to defund our Sherriff's Department and take millions from their budget.

  • Bobby has held the line on property tax increases every year in office while still balancing the budget.  While others proposed new taxes and increases HE FOUGHT FOR YOU!

  • Bobby believes in access and equity for all citizens. He supported the hiring of the first Chief Equity Officer in Charles County. 

  • Bobby supports balanced economic business growth in Charles County to increase revenue. He played a key role in obtaining Amazon, Kaiser Permanente, and MedStar to open their businesses in our County.

  • Bobby is a true public servant exemplified during Covid 19 by feeding thousands of meals to those in need as well as our local hospital and First Responders.

  • Bobby believes all citizens should have access to broadband and worked with fellow Commissioners to make it a reality with further fully funded broadband expansion on the horizon.

  • Bobby is engaged in the fight to promote mental health and fight against addiction. He supported the first Mental Health Mobile Crisis Unit in our County. 

  • Bobby continues to work to improve our transportation. He has consistently voted for new and improved roadways and funding for future light rail.

  • Bobby understands climate change preparedness.  He supported the creation of the Resilience Authority of Charles County.


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~  I M P O R T A N T   D A T E S  ~

Primary Election:  Early Voting July 7th to July 14th, Primary Day July 19th 

General Election: Early Voting October 27th to November 3rd   General Election Day November 8th 

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